Bluefin Tuna Cutting Show in the store is our most popular menu on every Saturday!

As an Omiya Fish Market wholesaler, we handpicked the freshest fish and seafood from Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, and Hokkaido.
Moreover, Our private live-fish transportation will bring you the Edo-style live fish from Tokyo Bay. Please come and try!
Our store has a wide range of dishes selection for you, from Sashimi of morning's catch from the sea to several seafood-made processing foods, as well as Sushi & Tempura!
We are hosting Bluefin Tuna Cutting Show every Saturday at 11:00 am!

Elevate your celebration, party, and event with our chef's handmade sushi & dishes!

Hon-Maguro Ootoro (Blue-fin Fatty Tuna), Chutoro (Medium-fatty Tuna), Nama-Uni (Raw Sea-Urchin) and Ikura (Salmon Roe)

Miyabi (60 Pieces) for 5~6 pax
8,640 yen
Aya (36 Pieces) for 3~4 pax
5,400 yen
Hana (24 Pieces) for 2~3 pax
3,240 yen


Hachijyu (8 Pieces)
980 yen
Assorted Tempura
770 yen / pax〜

(We can prepare the food based on your budget)

The menu is subject to change due to season and stock availability. For more information, please do not hesitate to ask our staff in the store. The price shown is tax-included.

We are proud the present you Bluefin Tuna (Hon-Maguro) Cutting Show!!
Please visit us at the Yamasho Store in Omiya Market every Saturday at 11 am!!

It's 88kg's bluefin Tuna (Hon-Maguro) on the day!
Witness how our chefs cut and pack the freshest maguro.
Play a game to guess the rare part of the maguro, and see how our chefs prepare oily tuna rice bowls!
After the cutting show, you can purchase and enjoy the freshest maguro at home, an excellent treat for you and your families!


General public is welcomed to the inner market.