Indulge your tastebud with Fresh Horse Mackerel Fish from (Iki-AJI) Uchira, the Japanese No. 1 Fresh Horse Mackerel Fish producing city.

As a wholesaler from Omiya Fish Market, we, the Yamasho Co. are committed to bringing in the freshest seafood around Japan to the public every day.
With our expertise being a wholesaler, we proudly present the Fresh Horse Mackerel Fish from Uchiura, the Japanese largest producing city in Shizuoka Prefecture, Numazu City.
We transport the fishes alive from Sugura Bay with our unique transportation tank.
You can elevate your dining experience from counter seats by witnessing how we prepare your horse mackerel fish from the tank to your table.

The menu is subject to change due to season and stock availability. For more information, please do not hesitate to ask our staff in the store.
The price shown is tax-included.


General public is welcomed to the inner market.